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Episode 119 - The Mosh Pit - 10-21-21 - Trannon Goble Interview

October 21st, 2021

Wes gets to chat with Trannon Goble of the band Skavenger

We talk how the music came together, the response to the album, the venues they played to promote the album, and more. 

Tracklist: Bradley Marsh, Skavenger, Carmilla, Hybrid Spirits, Wldstreet

Episode 118 - The Mosh Pit - 10-14-21 - Cassidy Paris Interview

October 14th, 2021

Cassidy Paris ( joins Wes on The Mosh Pit. We talk the new EP, tour and more. We talk about "Metalheads Against Bullying" campaign. 

Tracklist: GFM, FearOut, The Band Hennessy, Skybinder, 

Episode 117 - The Mosh Pit - 10-7-21 - Joe Warren Part 2

October 7th, 2021

Part 2 of Joe Warren in The Mosh Pit studios with Wes. More insight into the music industry, bands and more.

Tracklist: Rhine, The Prods, Man & Boy, Vannon

Episode 116 - The Mosh Pit - 9-30-21 - Joe Warren Part 1

September 30th, 2021

Atlanta's very own Joe Warren joins Wes in The Mosh Pit Studio. We talk upcoming shows, live events, and more. Killer lineup of music & bands on this week's show. 

Tracklist: Livlos, One Minute Shy, The Rekkening, Wicked Smile

Episode 115 - The Mosh Pit - 9-23-21 - IWE Interview

September 23rd, 2021

IWE co owner Josh sat down with Wes for an interview. We talk Flawless Victory Sept 25 2021. Match list and more.  

For more information: 
Doors open at 6PM, Bell time at 7PM

Tracklist: All Good Things, Last Demand, LestWeForget, Luscious, My Own Affliction, Velveteen Rabbit

Episode 114 - The Mosh Pit - 9-16-21 - Jackson Heaton Interview Pt 2

September 16th, 2021

More of "Atlanta's Rock Ambassador" Jackson Heaton's interview. We talk venues, what he has in store and more things that rock. We play some kickass music as well.


Tracklist: Another Year Unknown, Vices of Vanity, Kayas Embrace, R.M.S., Cascadent, Picture Perfect Skylines

Episode 113 - The Mosh Pit - 9-8-21 - RadioKing Interview

September 9th, 2021

RadioKing sits down with The Mosh Pit. We talk new music, tours and more. We talk influences and past shows. Come listen to this interview and check out their music. 

Tracklist:  Living Scars, Omnism, RadioKing, Nail Bite

Episode 112 - The Mosh Pit - 9-2-21 -Jackson Heaton Interview (Part 1)

September 2nd, 2021

Jackson Heaton of Home Brew ( joins Wes in the new Mosh Pit Studio. We talk his podcast, upcoming events, what he's been up to and more.  


Tracklist: Revel In Romance, Concrete SuperGun, Sarah & The Safe Word, Fairshake. 

Episode 111 - The Mosh Pit - 8-26-21 - Savannah Interview

August 26th, 2021

Savannah ( is back in The Mosh Pit for another interview with Wes. We talk the festivals, forging, and processing your own dear meat.

Tracklist: Cathedral Birds, The Killakee House, Kill the Sound, HellHikers

Episode 110 - The Mosh Pit - 8-19-21 - Harmony Camden

August 19th, 2021

Harmony Camden ( sits down with Wes to talk music, art, modeling, and more. She talks about some of her curated playlists and things she is working on for the future. 

Tracklist: Justin Curtis, Kamikaze Zombie, Shocklore, Suitor

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