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Episode 179 - The Mosh Pit - Emily Glazener - 12-1-22

December 1st, 2022

Emily Glazener ( joins Wes in The Mosh Pit. We talk her trip from Houston to Atlanta, UK tour, Christmas song, new music and more. Fun chat about what she's been up to and throws some ideas that may get incorporated into TMP very soon. 

Cassidy Paris - Danger
A Short Walk To Pluto - You Are Not The Only One
Failure 2 Conform - Horseshoes And Hand Grenades
Emily Glazener - Merry Christmas, A Happy One Too
Conditions Apply - Time To Get Loose

Episode 178 - The Mosh Pit - Savannah & Billy - 11-17-22

November 17th, 2022

Savannah & Billy are back to talk about more of their hunting experience. We talk about Billy's African Hunt with primitive weapons and big game. We talk Savannah's hunts and new merch. We get into a little more about what they've been up to.

Broken Factory Windows - Table Full of Empties
Emily Coffey - Convergent Evolution
Gold Steps - Petty
Sons of the Flood - Bleeding Greed

Episode 177 - The Mosh Pit - Flarelight - 11-10-22

November 10th, 2022

Flarelight ( joins The Mosh Pit Podcast. We talk the Queen's Jubalee, the new Album, New music, tours and more. 

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Flarelight - Make Me Sick.
IN THE WHALE - Drug Dealer.
Jayna Jennings - 10:43.
Marveline - Important Things.
Who They Fear - Defects.

Episode 176 - The Mosh Pit - Stockhausen & The Amplified Riot - 11-3-22

November 3rd, 2022

Stockhausen & The Amplified Riot ( joins the Pit and we talk about the new music, the live shows, the EP and more. 

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Prinz Grizzley - I Keep On Searching
POWERWOLF - My Will Be Done
Stockhausen & The Amplified Riot - Hunky Punk
Mondo Trasho - Hard Times (That's life)
CROWLEY- The Witching Hour

Episode 175 - The Mosh Pit - Silent Monolith - 10-27-22

October 27th, 2022

Silent Monolith ( joins The Mosh Pit Podcast for a chat. We talk about the new music, new album and more. 

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Honey Bone Rush - Pagan Rituals
Silent Monolith - Burn
Symphony Of Sweden - She's In My Head
Ventruss - Serpent
Fairshake - Change

Episode 174 - The Mosh Pit - All Them Squares - 10-20-22

October 20th, 2022

All Them Squares ( is the next guest on The Mosh Pit. We talk about the new music, the music video, upcoming shows and more. 

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All Them Squares - Sleep.
Blackment - Plains of Oblivion.
Hollow Intent - Coup (Time for War).
Wes Hoffman - What's Left of Me.
Gunshine - Loud.

Episode 173 - The Mosh Pit - For Conquest - 10-15-22

October 15th, 2022

For Conquest ( board game creators sit down for a chat about their game. We talk mechanics, style, players, conventions and more. We finish off the interview and play the game in our studio. Spoiler alert: It's pretty awesome.

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Get Those Nerds! - 1-Up
Gnash - The Darker Half
Renegade Angel - Dawn of Justice
Scarlet Rain - Moirai
Wicked Smile - Wait For The Night

Episode 172 - The Mosh Pit - Sister Sleep - 10-13-22

October 13th, 2022

Sister Sleep is our guest tonight. (
We talk about the new EP, new music, tour, collaborations, fans and more. 

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Broken Romeo - Wait For Me
Sarah Jane - Finger
SILVERKORD - Million Eyes
Sister Sleep - Give Up The Ghost
Splintered Throne - The Reaper is Calling

Episode 171 - The Mosh Pit - El Amin - 10-6-22

October 6th, 2022

El Amin ( is back in the Mosh Pit studio with Wes. We talk about the 11,000 mile tour from NY to Cali. New shows, new music, road trip stories.

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Cognate Souls - Every Thing is All Right
Concrete SuperGun - Why Cant I
El-Amin - Ganja
Kayas Embrace - Motions
Winter Wolf - Eye of the Wolf

Episode 170 - The Mosh Pit - Sierra Levesque - 9-29-22

September 29th, 2022

Sierra Levesque ( joins Wes in the Pit. We talk influences, new music, covers, live shows, tours and more.

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Hello Hydra - Liability
Moxie - Good Enough (Fuck That)
Atrapa - Oblicze
Sierra Levesque - Get Off My Stage
The Cold Stares - Nothing But The Blues

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